We[blog] still active

Hello. I guess the secret is out that I’m home now, and that my Trail days are over. Well, we had a little fun, didn’t we? I wanted to mention that I’ll still be blogging, at the behest of several people. I do like to write and need the practice so I’ll take them up on their command. Subjects will run the gamut as whim, caprice, and various mood disorders dictate.

Extra credit if you’re still here!

5 thoughts on “We[blog] still active

  1. Almost 2 months, several hundred miles walked, I’d have to say it was a successful adventure !! Not to mention how many readers you may have following that will keep looking for your newest adventures in the future ! I’m one of them ! Love reason # 3 the most !


  2. OK, now that you have us all hooked on your writings you can’t stop and leave us hanging. I too look forward to hearing about your next story . It may not be about the AT tho I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures. Your two months on the AT was quite an experience. Your a good writer Kevin and you need to keep writing. Looking forward to your next story. Love Aunt Loretta


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