21 April – Stecoah Gap to Locust Cove Gap to Stecoah Gap to Brown Fork Campsite (8.8 miles)

Things went very smoothly today.  I’m just as surprised as you are.

(I had to backtrack on the Trail to my previous tent site and start from there to ensure I didn’t leave any gaps in my hike.)

I got a hiker shuttle to Stecoah Gap and walked south the 3.2 miles back to the tent site where I had lain helpless those several days.

I looked at that spot.  It looked at me.  I think we reached an understanding.  We hugged awkwardly, and I left.

I started traveling north again (yay!) and ended up tonight in my tent at my current campsite by myself.  Nobody around.  

The hiking went great though— it was uneventful!  

I stopped at 1p.m. and facetimed my sister Yvonne who hosts the annual family Easter dinner at that time.  I got to see the delicious hams, the mashed potatoes and peas, the desserts, and when Kenny showed up with the lime beer— I knew all was right with the world.  (Oh- and I saw my brothers and sisters.😬)

Other than that, the weather was beautiful and I felt good.  I think the doxycycline, probiotics, and multi-vitamins are already on the job.   And, compression socks are helping my calf.  (I got the vitamins and compression socks just this morning—thanks to Memory reminding me.)

I can envision a whole new way of being now and am really hopeful.

Here is some Easter Candy I found along the way.

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