Um… (my side).

After what you just read the last few days, I’m considering breaking up with him until he finishes the TRAIL. (Kidding – oh, not kidding – KIDDING (we’ll see)…)

I could never be the girlfriend of that “Free Solo” guy. Or a military guy. (so that nixes the whole “I wish I met you when we were younger” thing….)

Sorry, I just couldn’t, wouldn’t, can’t. This thru hike of the TRAIL (I might start calling it that, in all caps) is borderline iffy-ness.

I was out of cell range for a few hours while visiting my family in California this past week, soaking in a hot spring along a river in the mountains. It was VERY relaxing….and then I came back into civilization and a text blasted through:

“Am being evacuated- no joke- sickness- will update you in a couple hours please don’t tell anyone you think can be spared the drama until I get medical help/ severe dehydration- people on the way.”

It was like he was messaging me through the Army radio – in Army – speak. He forgot to end it with “Out”. (did I mention that when he sends a text before he turns his phone off to save battery, he ends it with “out”? This means “Don’t reply, I won’t answer for a while”.) It’s awesome being the girlfriend left behind right now.

3 hours later, still nothing. No answer to texts or calls. The iMessage thing is blue and says “delivered”, so you know the phone is “working” – but is the person?

They say to let go of the things in life that you cannot control. So….I sat there eating candy and thinking about all the wine I was going to drink that night once I knew he was okay.

I got the diagnosis on a group text with his twin, along with the information that he was being released from the hospital.

I know twins share a real bond and at first I was a little miffed, because I AM HIS WOMAN HERE, but then was glad to include Keith in the exchanges between us all, that said loud and clear “stop pushing so hard.”

Glad to know that this wasn’t something that would force him to abandon the trail (I am still catching up on my chick shows on Netflix – if he could stay away a little longer, please), I was (am) still alarmed.

He never did answer my question “can you leave the hospital if you’re doped up like that?” – but….apparently you can…

Not long after, he Facetimed from his hotel room to show that he was upright, alive, and doing the right thing by NOT going back on the trail straight from the ER (I wouldn’t put it past him…). When I asked him the name of his hotel and room number, he goofily smiled at me, swaying slightly from exhaustion (and whatever drugs) through the computer screen, and goes “I love you, I’m in room 204” and then hung up without any further information.

Fortunately I was able to ping his phone and find him (see map). A few hours later, he texted us his hotel and room number, which said to me “he’s coming out of this a bit”.

Do you know how many face palm moments I have had since he left?

In attempting to convince Kev to wait even a few more days other than the TWO he’s given himself before setting off again, I happened to mention that Sunday (which is today) was Easter (he has no idea what day is what when on the trail).

His face lit up. (you have no idea where this is going, I promise…)

He goes “Sunday is Easter!!!!?!?!?!”

“Yes,” I said, thinking to myself “what a good day to continue to rest, get a turkey dinner somewhere, and rest some more…” and he blurts out joyfully, “What a perfect day to get back on the trail…like…it”ll be like…. ‘HE HAS RISEN!’ ”

Do you see what I am dealing with? (Face palm)

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