20 April – Bryson City

This is the end of my last day recovering in Bryson city North Carolina. I will head out tomorrow back to the Trail.

I took a short walk into town today, having slept so much last night.  I felt pretty good in town.  I bought a few necessities and I bought some probiotics as I believe I will have to handle my immune system like nitroglycerin from this point forward.   That, combined with the doxycycline I’m taking, and the recovery time I’ve just taken, should stand me in good stead for tomorrow’s restart.   Hopefully I won’t find myself delayed much further in the future— I can’t wait to enjoy the Trail and watch Spring continue to decorate the beautiful mountains and hills of North Carolina.

I forgot to mention one part of the (let’s just be polite and say) “help“ I received and that is the fact that from the hospital I got a ride to this hotel by the local Bryson police.  They just happened to be in the Emergency Room lobby when I inquired about Uber or Taxis and found out that nonesuch operate in the city.  They just walked over and said “We’ll give you a ride wherever you need to go.”  Wow.  

The reason I bring it up now is that on my short walk into the city today, one of those Bryson City Police Officers pulled over to talk to me; he asked me how I was doing,  if I needed a ride anywhere, (I didn’t as I was close to the store I was going to), and we had a pleasant chat.   He gave me his card and said to call him if I needed anything at all.   

Now, I’ve had a decent respect for the police growing up, and that was strengthened when I worked with and trained with various police departments -both state and local- while I was in the Army.   This experience with the Bryson City Police Department just strengthened that. I just want to thank them all in this small way in this obscure little blog. 

I also had a great meal in town at a place called Bojangles Chicken.  As I sat down to have my first really big meal since Tuesday, I felt ready for it.  I remember thinking how great it was going to be to have a long quiet lunch in a nice sunny clean place.  As I began to eat however, I became aware of the constant sound of the slight clacking of a broom and dust pan by an employee who is methodically sweeping the small place.  

Once I realize that this was going to go on and on, I became slightly annoyed.  I was aware of exactly where he was at all times and I have a particular noise eccentricity whereby any constant noise in the background will cause me to want to jump off a roof if I can’t stop it immediately.  

So I pay attention to this guy and I realize he’s sweeping with great care and diligence— an already clean floor.   An already very clean floor.   I see that he’s moving in a way that seems robotic so I realize that he might be a little different, perhaps somewhere on the autism spectrum. OK. No problem.  I noticed as he approaches my table that he has occasional interactions with a customer or one of his fellow employees and that they all seem like pleasant interactions and that the sweeper always seemed to laugh good-naturedly.   People were very kind to him.  Incidentally, he was undeterred when he approached the square of carpet where I was sitting at my little table— and continued to sweep despite my presence, clacking his little broom and dust pan in and out among my feet and under and around my chair and table.  I almost laughed, and my annoyance turned to warmth as he continued past me, taking pride and comfort in his job.  As I left  about 30 minutes later, he was still sweeping.

I’m glad there is a place for everyone when everyone makes a place.

4 thoughts on “20 April – Bryson City

  1. Have been following you step by step in your blog posts and with Memory’s updates. So relieved to know you are doing better. And hoping the rest of the way your physical strength will carry you through without major incident though I realize all the challenges are a part of the walk. Your writing is keen, thoroughly enjoying the storytelling. And Memory’s contrapuntal posts are creating this fugue that is compelling! Not sure if my musical metaphors are accurate but you get the gist. Speaking of Memory she was just here with darling Anna and she is as bright and beautiful as ever. Thank you again for letting me tag along on your adventure. You are an inspiration. And wishing you well as you continue on your way. Lynn

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  2. Bojangles’ is one of the things I miss from NC. Sounds like you had a classic first Bojangles’ experience! This is a great blog, I hope you enjoy the Smokies.

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  3. Kevin, so glad you decided to keep the adventure exciting! This does keep our interest. The sickness, ER visit, floods and disaster are all great reading. What excitement. Do you think you can find some trouble on Easter? HAPPY EASTER and “happy trails” starting NOW!

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