17 April – Locust Grove Gap (a ’zero’ day)

Last night during a phone call Memory suggested I stay here all day to ride out the sickness.  And she was comforting and helpful at a time when I really couldn’t think due to the violence of the sickness.  I took that advice and gradually recovered here at this campsite today, all day. (I am the white bubble behind the blue and above the brown.)

She’s been at the receiving end of my complaints as I adjust physically and mentally to this venture.  

I brought a decent amount of medicine with me on this trip- everyone packs some sort of a First Aid kit.  But my best medicine is Memory.

4 thoughts on “17 April – Locust Grove Gap (a ’zero’ day)

  1. I didn’t expect such good photos and videos, this is a really complete blog. Too bad about your sickness, consider slowing things down a bit in deference to your age Ranger Perrin?

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  2. Hope your feeling better Kevin! That is miserable….😞. The pictures and videos are awesome!! Keep up the good work!❤️


  3. Must have passed a bad watering hole. Since you’re in the south, what you need is some beans and cabbage for supper……with a big chunk of fatback in some red pepper sauce. And make some gravy out of the grease. You’ll be feelin’ better in no time!

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